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Virtual PBX

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Virtual PBX has the same functionalities as traditional PBX, for example, internal calls, call transference, teleconference and voice mail, as a service affordable from the Internet or from the Public Switched Telephone Network

The functionalities of a virtual PBX are similar to those of physical IP PBXs. The main difference is that virtual PBXs are hosted on the web, so the user does not need to buy, install and maintain a physical PBX.

How works?

Through IP telephones, conventional telephones with IP adapters or even from any computer connected to the Internet, employees are connected, benefiting from the functionalities of Universal Telecom’s advanced Virtual PBX.

Some of the advanced features are customizable welcome message, waiting queue, transfer, music on hold, voicemail by extension, conference room, Click2Call on the web, etc.

Service features

  • Multiple entry lines through national or international geographic numbers.
  • Creation from 1 to 100 extensions (ask if you need more).
  • Personalized voicemail and accessible via email or phone.
  • Routing plan for each number.
  • Welcome speech, customizable music on hold.
  • Multiple simultaneous calls.
  • Diverts to landlines or mobiles, in other words, you have greater mobility.
  • Queue calls, so you can prioritize what interests you.
  • Filters by time bands and days, that is, you can define the calendar in the switchboard.
  • Incoming / outgoing call restriction.
  • Call transfers between extensions.
  • Conference hall.
  • Extensions status indicator, thus facilitating the supervision of agents.
  • Multiple jumps to other extensions or numbers.
  • Multiple outgoing caller ID for each extension.

Do you want the most professional Virtual PBX?

Enjoy all the functionalities that the traditional PBX offer and more, from € 25 / month.

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