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Número Virtual

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A virtual number is a number that is in the cloud, it has no connection with a physical line and must be diverted to an IP line, virtual pbx or to other fixed or mobile numbers to receive calls.

These numbers are as usual, with national geographic coding (for example, 951 xx xx xx or 810 xx xx xx). That is, 9-digit numbers with different prefix depending on the province chosen, or international numbers (for example France + 33170XXXXXX, + 44232XXXXXXX).

You can keep your current phone number by carrying it to Universal Telecom or request a new number.

Advantages of the virtual number

  • Greater control. Use the filters and the virtual secretary to select the calls you want to receive to attend them more efficiently.
  • Professional image. In your calls choose to show your landline number or your personal phone number so you can separate your private life from your professional one.
  • Web management. Control all the options of your number for free, 24 hours a day, and personalize it with instant changes.
  • Saving. At a lower cost than a phone line, call easily at lower rates with no additional costs.
  • Flexibility. You can answer your calls from any phone of any operator (landline, mobile, VOIP and international).
  • VOIP features. Add a forwarding of your virtual number to your voice over IP phone to receive calls free of charge on any device.

Do you want a professional image?

Request your virtual number, you will be available only when you decide, differentiating your personal life from your professional one, with the advantages of IP telephony.

Do you have a high volume of calls and want to save on telephony?