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A SIP Trunk or IP Line is a connection offered by an Internet Telephone Provider (ITSP) that connects an IP-PBX (Asterisk, Elastix, FreePBX, Samsung, Panasonic, Epigy, Fritz Box, etc…) to the infrastructure telephony provider that also connects with the traditional telephone network (PSTN). This interconnection is done through the Internet using the SIP Protocol.

With the Trunk SIP Universal Telecom service, it intends to replace analogue RTB, digital ISDN, and primary E1 lines, thus allowing companies and entrepreneurs to enjoy multiple voice channels through their Internet connection.

In this way, companies can save a lot of money by eliminating the maintenance of traditional telephone lines and the costs of outgoing calls.

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SIP Trunk Service Features

  1. Higher Voice Quality.
  2. Greater Number of Channels, as many Voice Channels, as you need at no additional cost.
  3. New numbering or Cover: Geographic (DDI) of any Spanish province, 902, International Numbering of 70 countries.
  4. Direct Routes of Maximun Quality, direct interconnection and sending of the caller ID.
  5. Double Security Authentication by username/password and also by fixed public IP address (provided if it is available).
  6. Proactive Fraud Detection System in the Client’s IP PBX.
  7. Support in the configuration of the trunk in your IP PBX. We do not only pass you the configuration parameters, but we also help you to configure the SIP Trunk in your IP PBX if you need it (for most of the PBXs on the market).
  8. Monitoring and Control of Quality Parameters in Customer Connectivity and Outgoing Calls.
  9. Redundant Systems.
  10. Lower Latencies.
  11. No Registration Fee.
  12. Do not apply any Cancellation or Penalty Fee.
  13. There’s no Minimum Contract Period.
  14. Compatible with a wide variety of hardware.

¿Do you want to boost your switchboard?

Connect your physical switchboard with our SIP Trunk to increase its benefits, with the advantages of IP telephony.

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